Make Your Long Hair Only Two Easy Way

Who does not want  long hair?  Now a Fashionable day everybody wants Long Hair. Nowadays many of these complaints! Polluted environment, stress-filled life, nutritional deficiencies, most of all, the problem of women nowadays defacement.


Long Hair

Make Your Long Hair Only Two Easy Way

Girls are always wondering how to get long hair in a week or real fast because hair has been firmly linked to appearance and looks. It can either enhance or subtract from someone’s overall beauty as well as personality. Women in particular tend to prefer to wear long hair as this is associated with femininity as well as a flawless appearance. However, the issue for most women is that they wanting to have long hair, but not being able to get it to grow long enough or fast enough. The good news is there are multiple methods that you can take advantage of to solve the issue of how to get long hair in a week.
Want to get long hair fast? Choose the quality of the fruit. very easy to learn, with banana and orange hair pack of two techniques, which are used regularly will make your hair long and black.
Beneficial for hair design


Banana helps not only the hair length, at the same time make the hair soft and smooth. Use at least two days a week, banana hair pack.

Which things will need:
– Two banana
– 1 yolk part of egg
– 1 spoon lemon juice.
Will make use of the mixture on your scalp and hair very well.Three Like elements to create a mixed pack.

This pack is like butter on the scalp and hair.An Plastic head shaved. Upon him in a towel around it.

Keep – Thus 1 hour. Then rinse well with water.Your hair will be long .

Orange juice is also beneficial as as banana the pack. Banana or orange choose one from the pack, please use twice a week. If you can use once a week in the arts and one orange.

Which will need:
– 1 cup of orange juice.
– 1 cup of yogurt

Will make use of the
– Material to create two well-mixed pack.
– Like the skin of the head and hair, apply this pack.
– With a plastic head shaved. Upon him in a towel around it.
– Put the 1 hour. Then rinse well with water.


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